In Hawaii, nature isn’t something you visit. It comes to you whenever you step outside. Sun, wind, water, salt and sand. The harsh island conditions can weather our hair and skin, but rather than hiding from nature, we turn to it for inspiration and answers.

Hawaii Skin Treats was born of a simple desire: to bottle the experience of our nature - its beauty, scents, and healing properties without compromising the environment. We turned to age-old skincare practices and applied a modern mindset to create nourishing sustainable hair and skin products that make you feel good and brings out your natural glow.

Our Values

1. Hair and skincare made by nature, not chemicals

We believe that natural and organic hair and skin care is the future. We care for your well-being and the world we all share. Therefore, we only create pure products that we want to use on ourselves and our families. Knowing what we put onto our skin can absorb into our bodies, our products are free of synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and harsh chemicals. Hawaii Skin Treats ethically sources the finest natural materials the Earth has to offer and our formulas use the best of the plant world to nurture your skin. All our ingredients must fit the following four criteria; 

  • Safe to Use

  • Natural

  • Cruelty Free 

  • Sustainably Produced

3. Environmental Friendliness

We believe in zero waste and being eco-friendly is at the core of our business. Our bars are made and packaged with biodegradable materials; however, to reduce waste and be as close to zero-waste as possible, we mindfully assess the environmental impact in every aspect of our production such as ingredients, manufacturing, and shipping. 

4. Less is More

Many beauty products contain ingredients to make them feel and smell a certain way or to prolong the shelf life. Often these ingredients don’t provide any benefits to your hair or skin and, worse still, are well documented to cause harm to our health and planet. At Hawaii Skin Treats we do it differently. Each natural ingredient we use has been chosen to perform a specific function for your hair and skin. We believe keeping it simple is the best. Therefore, our products are free from fillers and water and anything that would dilute the nutrient-rich and skin-enhancing benefits of the plant-based ingredients we use. 

5. Care Rituals that Extend Beyond the Body

The Hawaii Skin Treats rituals aren't about overnight transformations or aggressive treatments. Rather, it's about meditative moments of attending to your hair and skin, and as a result to yourself.  Our formulas are designed to fit into a daily routine and form part of a healthy lifestyle for years to come. 



On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, we manufacture deeply nourishing hair and skincare products that are kind to you and the environment.  High standards and conscious purchasing guarantee high-quality ingredients from carefully selected growers and suppliers. 

Our Story

Growing up in Sweden (think brutally cold winters and balmy summers), hair and skincare has always been an important element. I developed a keen awareness of how beauty ingredients affect our bodies when I was pregnant with my daughter. With a baby growing inside of me, I wanted to have a more thoughtful approach to my routines. I started making hair and skincare that contained pure ingredients and stayed away from formulations that could cause harm. I spent as much time examining the ingredients as I did on the formulas themselves, and I kept on working until I knew the products were gentle, pure, and effective. The result? The products were not only loved by me but was highly sought after by friends and family too - and the seeds of Hawaii Skin Treats were born.

Siri Ekbom

Founder of Hawaii Skin Treats