Being eco-friendly is at the core of our business. It all started with a sincere worry about all the disposable plastic we use in our daily lives and what this waste is going to mean for future generations. When setting up Hawaii Skin Treats, we knew we wanted to be a sustainable skincare company. Since one of our main missions is to reduce waste and be as close to zero-waste as possible, we have spent a lot of time looking at eco-friendly options and assessed the environmental impact in every aspect of our production such as ingredients, manufacturing, and shipping.


We select every ingredient in our skincare products carefully. All our ingredients must fit the following four criteria; 

  • Safe to use

  • Natural

  • Cruelty free 

  • Sustainably produced (we try to ensure the ingredients we use don’t deplete the environment they are grown in.)


Paper based Packaging

We use minimal and compostable packaging solutions. We have choosen to use paper packing products. Our bars are small, lightweight and fit very well in small cardboard boxes. We use paper as fillers. We believe every little action towards a more sustaibale future counts, so we use paper packing tape with a recyclable core.

Compostable Packaging

All our packaging is plastic free and compostable. This means all our boxes, packaging material, and labels will degrade in the compost bin. You can also recycle them, although it's more eco-friendly to compost. To try composting - bury the packaging material in your garden. It will completely disappear within a few months. 

Saving Water

Hawaii Skin Treat's bars are water-free concentrated oils and butters without plastic packaging. Why? Water makes up about 70 per cent of your usual lotions and creams, leaving very little room for the active, working ingredients like butters, clays, and other amazing oils. Additionally, it takes a lot of water to produce a plastic bottle. For us, it didn't make sense to pay for water in your product, produce and package it in plastic bottles, and use harsh chemicals to preserve it, when you easily can add the water by yourself. For this reason, all products are water-free and always will be.


We do accept returns, but we ask our consumers to only return if absolutely necessary, and here is why.  The environmental impact of reverse shipping creates over 5 billion pounds of landfill waste annually. Our excessive "return" behaviour is a driving force behind the growing plastic waste, and we need to change our behaviour towards throwing away and returning products. 


You can do your part to help us with to reach our zero waste goal. Please ensure that you recycle, compost or reuse any paper that comes with your product. We also hope that you reuse, recycle or compost the cardboard boxes our products are shipped in. Just remember to remove the shipping label.