Every day, the demand for eco-friendly products is rising. This holiday season is the perfection time to give back to Mother Earth and your loved ones with a thoughtful, sustainable gift.

It is exciting to see so many people shifting to organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. If you are new at going green, shopping eco-friendly gifts for loved ones is a wonderful way to start. To help you out, we have compiled a few tips on how to eco-shop be it clothes, skincare products, or toys.

What are environmental friendly gifts?

A green products is designed to have a low environmental impact by using minimal resources during their production and lifecycle. Some features to look for are:

- Durability

- Energy Efficiency

- Non-Toxic Ingredients

- Sustainable Production

- Recycled

- Biodegradable and even better, Compostable

- Locally Made

- Organic and Fair Trade

Our favorite Eco-Friendly products?

We have so many. Here comes a little list that might spark your inspiration to purchasing eco-friendly gifts this holiday season.

- Compostable Toothbrushes

- Reusable Kitchen items like straws made of bamboo and reusable water bottles

- Compostable Cutlery such as wooden plates, bowls, forks, and knives

- Solar-Powered Electronics

- Reusable Grocery Bags. Look for nice designs and prints from local artists

- Sustainable Jewelry made out of wood or recycled metal

- Organic Fabric items such as beddings, towels, and table mats

Listed below are a handful of our favorite hair and skin care products perfect for your eco-conscious friends.

Tropical Shower Gift Set

These shower gift sets are just $21.99 each and include a Glow Shampoo bar, a Glow Conditioner bar, and a Plumeria Soap. These products are all made with eco-friendly, naturally derived, and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Trial Kit Hair Sampler

If you think your friends are curious to try out shampoo and conditoner bars? Then our hair trial kit is the perfect gift. The trial kit contains four little mini bars, each lasting for about 20 uses. Of course, the packaging is certified compostable and reusable.

Soap Puzzle

This is the perfect gift for kids gifts, stocking fillers, or just to make bath time fun. This colorful, fun, and unique soap puzzle are made from organic coconut and olive oil, skin safe natural colorants, and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. 

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