Christmas, one of the most magical times of the year, is right around the corner. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most wasteful holidays that fills our landfills with wrapping paper, disposable single use items, and an abundance of plastic packaging on toys. During the holiday, we produce around 25% more trash. To avoid overwhelming our Earth this Christmas, we have put together a little list of how to enjoy a more mindful and conscious holiday season.

1. Celebrate with Nature

Plastic decorations may be shiny and sparkly but you can easily find equally beautiful decorations in the outdoors. Try creating your own decorations from elements of the nature: make a wreath from tree branches, spread cheer throughout the house by placing pine boughs in vases, and If you think apples are reserved for fall, think again. Stick them throughout a large evergreen garland for a fresh look. opting for decorations from the outdoors will not only be 100% biodegradable unlike their plastic counterparts, it will also make your house smell fantastic.

2. Gift Zero-Waste products

We all have a friend or two who aren't (yet) as conscious or aware of plastic waste. Christmas is a great opportunity to gift a zero waste product to introduce friends and loved ones to try out waste free products. Popular gifts can be stainless steel water bottles, bamboo straws, or why not one of our biodegradable and compostable skincare bars.

3. Make your own wrapping

Everyone appreciate a nicely and thoughtfully wrapped gift. Add your special touch by ditching wrapping paper and creating your own waste free wrapping. Try wrapping your gifts with old newspapers, organic cotton bags, glass jars, and reused fabric.

4. Gift Experiences

Experiential gifts are perfect for our loved ones who reject the notion of receiving material gifts during the holidays. From workshops and museum memberships to eco-friendly getaways and fitness classes, there's no shortage of meaningful experiences to gift our friends. Additionally, if you like the idea of not having to dedicate an entire day to wrapping, gifting experiences is the way to go.

5. Give the Gift of Glow

Here at Hawaii Skin Treats, we believe that how we feel in our own skin is a big part of our health and happiness. Every ingredient we choose to use and every skincare product we make right here in Kailua goes through thorough testing on our friends and family members to make sure it’s safe without ever sacrificing on performance. Non-toxic and clean skincare that actually works? Now that’s a holiday gift idea we can really get into. Check out our shop for skincare products so good for you (and the environment) you’ll probably just want to keep them for yourself. Nothing wrong with that...it’s called selflove and there’s no time like the holidays to get some of that.

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