As a company whose main mission is to reduce waste and be as close to zero-waste as possible, we have spent a lot of time looking at eco-friendly packaging options. Of course, we do not use plastic, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our main concern is to get our products to you in one piece, while using as little and as eco-friendly packaging as possible. 

When looking at our packaging options eliminating our reliance on plastic was paramount to us because of the issues of plastic pollution. With that as our guiding light, we have sought out eco-friendly minimal packaging solutions that works with our products. 

We encourage all of our consumers to do their part to help us with our zero waste goal. 


1. Recycle, compost or reuse any clean kraft paper that comes with your order. 

2. Reuse, recycle or compost (after removing the affixed shipping label) the cardboard boxes or rigid paper mailers.

3. Please, avoid returning items if possible. The environmental impact of reverse shipping creates over 5 billion pounds of landfill waste annually. Our excessive ‘throw-away’ and return behaviour is a driving force behind the growing plastic epidemic, and it’s our behaviour towards plastic that needs to change.